Serenitas Planning Services Available Nationwide

Complimentary Initial Consultation
  • Discuss abilities and needs of your loved one with special needs
  • Identify your primary concerns, objectives, address questions
  • Define roles of Guardians, Conservators, Trustees, etc
  • Review Current Legal Documents
  • Provide Course of Action
Planning Process
  • You will receive
    • Life Planning Data forms
    • Letter of intent forms
  • Schedule Meeting with family, care givers and advisors
    • The purpose of this meeting is to review the provided information, ask, and answer additional questions
  • Contact other involved family members and/or friends: Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts and Uncles, etc to explain process and obtain their legal documents for review
  • Prepare plan including drafts of legal documents (includes codicils and amendments for all family members involved)
  • Legal Documents: Special Needs Trust, Wills, Family Trust, Living Will, Powers of Attorney for Healthcare, Mental Health, and Legal and Financial issues
  • Present/Finalize/Implement your plan
  • Steps after signing legal documents:
    • Obtain Tax ID# for the Special Needs Trust
    • Change Beneficiaries: Life Insurance, Pensions, Annuities, etc
    • Confirm other family members have signed codicils/amendments
    • Review plan and administration of Special Needs Trust
Additional Services
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship Filing
  • Available in CA and AZ
  • Please inquire about availability in other states
  • Government Benefits
    • Assistance regarding eligibility and other issues related to Social Security, Medi-Cal/AHCCCS (Medicaid), Medicare, IHSS, Regional Centers
  • Divorced or Separated Parents
    • If agreed to by parents working together, an additional Special Needs Trust is included
  • Disability Trust CA/Special Treatment Trust (Medicaid Payback) if person with special needs under age 65 has assets in their name (gifts, inheritance, structured settlements)
  • Miller Trust (Medicaid Qualified Income Trust) if person with special needs income causes ineligibility for ALTCS
  • ABLE Act Accounts & SNT Fairness Act Information and Assistance

*Fees are typically tax deductible, consult your tax advisor. We accept all major credit cards

“David, A follow-up on the Confirmation Letter for Rent. It worked!

I spoke with my contact at the Torrance SSA office and he said there was no need to come in with the letter. Just fax it. I did on December 6th last year. Yesterday I received notice that my son’s monthly benefit was increased by $250 to $910 and change per month. Thank you for the letter and the advice. I was skeptical but the effort paid off.”

-Evan L.

How can you begin using our consulting services?

Call us at (818) 231-6759