Serenitas Special Needs Planning

Serenitas Special Needs Planning

Serenitas provides the comprehensive planning every family needs to assure a smooth transition, security and quality of life for their loved one living with special needs.

Legal Planning ~ Government Benefits ~ Financial Planning ~ Lifestyle Planning

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Comprehensive Special Needs Planning

Comprehensive planning address 4 areas of life that affect every person living with special needs: Legal planning, Government benefit coordination, Budget/Financial planning and Lifestyle planning. Neglecting any of these areas will create an unstable plan for your loved one.

Disability and Special Needs Planning for Children is Our Expertise

With over 30 years experience, our mission at Serenitas Special Needs Planning has been to educate, empower and provide future planning options, assistance and services for families, friends, organizations and professionals who are responsible for or know a person with a developmental disability.

Regardless of the type of disability, we are prepared to help you eliminate the overwhelming and confusing obstacles of Special Needs Planning. Lifestyle Preferences, Legal Issues, Special Needs Trusts, and access to Government Benefits should all be coordinated during the planning process.

While this can be a daunting task, we are here to help you navigate the maze of issues and complete a comprehensive plan that will work for your loved one. Please contact us for complete information about special needs planning.

Our Services

Complimentary Initial Consultation

This private consultation provides families the opportunity to address their concerns, review their current legal documents, discuss the various planning options, and set a course of action for the planning process.

Conference/Seminar Speaker

Dynamic and heartfelt, David Terk brings technical expertise, personal anecdotes with an engaging sense of compassion to the sensitive topic of Special Needs Planning.

Private Fee-Based Planning

Serenitas Special Needs Planning offers private fee-based comprehensive planning nationwide which includes: Legal Document Preparation (including Guardianship/Conservatorship) Government Benefits , Budgetary Projections and Lifestyle Care Directives. We will work with you, and other family advisors, to complete your plan in its entirety.

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